DIY Needle felted snowman ornament


It’s a stormy Maritime day out there. May as well do some needle felting!

This ornament is inspired by a larger  fleece ornament that we got quite a few years ago. I decided to make a felted version in a smaller size.

To make one you will need:

White or off white, pink, blue, orange and black wool roving

Felting Needle

Felting pad

1. Roll white roving into a ball; shape and stab with the needle to form the snowmans head.

2. Using same method form two smaller balls to use as earwarmers & needle felt to head.

3. Using pink roving create headband part of earwarmers.  Needle felt the band on felting pad first then felt in place, between two earwarmer balls.

4. Using more pink roving create pink hanger loop and felt to back of headband of earwarmers.

5. Create carrot nose using orange roving. Place nose and felt in place.

6. Using a fine strand of roving create the mouth and felt in place. Make two tiny balls of black roving and felt eyes in place.

7.  Using pink roving, make two tiny balls and attach where rosy cheeks should be.

All finished!!! And this snowman won’t melt.

To enjoy, place your felted snowman on your tree or spead some Christmas cheer by giving to a friend.


Merry Christmas

Three Ladybugs Play


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