You can DIY Vanilla Extract at home!!! Three Ladybugs Play

I’m pretty excited to be sharing how to DIY Vanilla Extract today!


Want to make some?

It’s so easy, you’ll be like WHAT why didn’t I do this before???


Here’s what you need:

A sterile glass bottle, you can use mason jar as well

2 or 3 vanilla beans, I got mine at my local grocery store

1 cup vodka or other liquor

Cut the vanilla beans vertically to expose the wonderfully scented contents. Begin cutting 1 inch from the tip of the bean.

Once split cut each bean into thirds and drop into bottle.

Measure 1 cup of Vodka or other liquor and add with funnel into bottle.

Cap the bottle and shake to speed up the infusion process. Almost finished.

Place in a cool, dark pantry and shake at least every second day. The Vanilla extract should be ready to use in only 1 month.

Use in your favorite recipes and top up the bottle with Vodka when necessary to continue the infusion process.

Add new vanilla beans when you discover the extract becoming weaker in flavor.


Isn’t it a wonderful New Year’s project. Owl is pretty excited because it will be ready for my birthday. Can’t wait to use it to flavor my birthday cake!!!

What will you do with yours?


Three Ladybugs Play


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