Seed saving: aka Brownbagging…

Seed Saving or Brownbagging, is the act of selecting a healthy and productive plant and saving seeds from that plant to use during the next growing season. Seeds are sometimes captured in a brown bag hence the term Brownbagging.


To learn more about Brownbagging, use the following link (from Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook).

Tip: When deciding which plants from your garden, to save seeds from, one must ensure to choose the healthiest plants thus ensuring the most viability for next growing season.


Why should you save seeds?

For Wildlife:

Well, if you’ve ever planted flowers in your garden and left them in the ground to dry, you may have created a wonderland for nature and nature photographers alike without even realizing it.

Songbirds love Purple Coneflower seeds that have been left to naturally dry. It is amazing to watch them discover the seeds during the cold days of winter and dance around on the long stems trying to sample the seeds.

For your Garden:

It’s also a pleasure to replant your saved seeds in the spring and find them sprouting towards the beautiful morning sun, providing a colourful backdrop for both you and the wildlife in your community to enjoy.

The picture below shows three Nasturtium seed pods saved from last growing season. They will definitely be planted in my garden this spring.   🙂

nasturtiumThink flowers

It’s rewarding to walk thru a successful garden and take a closer look and find seeds to save for your garden the following year.

What saved seeds are you growing this year?

Three Ladybugs Play


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