Close up of a honeybee

I’m starting a collection of honeybee closeups. I guess 🙂 Seeing how we have lots of these girls cruising around I will probably continue to snap pictures of them. lol It looked like she was scratching her head but I’m sure she was doing an important honeybee task. I just haven’t figured what that task […]

The Blue Morpho Butterfly in Newfoundland

While in Newfoundland we visited the Newfoundland Insectarium. The Insectarium is one of our favorite places to visit each summer. We love seeing all of the brightly coloured  butterflies. If it is not already on your to do list, while traveling in Newfoundland, it should be! We discovered this butterfly which is called the Blue […]

WordPress Photo Challenge: Kiss

I’ve been having fun looking through all of my pictures from the past year and remembering all the wonderful photo opportunities. Here’s my contribution to this weeks Photo Challenge: Kiss. Butterfly Kiss I took this picture in August of 2012, in my flower garden. This Red Admiral butterfly landed on a Purple Cone flower and […]

Artist or Pest???

This is a picture of a birch tree in our backyard. I’ve seen trees with a smaller amount of this “design” on their trunks and have been intrigued. After some research, I believe this is the work of the Birch Bark Beetle. It’s amazing seeing nature at work. Have you ever spotted this on a […]

This guy should be off to the barber…

I was visiting my Mom’s Garden and looking through the lens when what to my wondering eyes should appear… A Tachinid Fly.  Send him to the barber, thank-you very much… Needs a trim. This guy also needs to be sent straight to the barber!!! Maybe they should go together.  🙂 Have a great day, Love […]