Seed saving: aka Brownbagging…

Seed Saving or Brownbagging, is the act of selecting a healthy and productive plant and saving seeds from that plant to use during the next growing season. Seeds are sometimes captured in a brown bag hence the term Brownbagging. To learn more about Brownbagging, use the following link (from Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook). Tip: When […]

Urban Gardening Seed Exchange

Our Community is hosting an Urban Gardening Seed Exchange. I’m very excited to meet local gardeners, make new friends and create a great opportunity for our community to “Grow”! We will have prizes and hope to have a community member speak about a gardening topic of interest! It’s going to be a great Saturday to […]

August Adventures at the Sunflower Maze

We had the most wonderful time at Dakeyne Farm Sunflower Maze last weekend. It was the first time we had been to a Sunflower Maze. If you’ve never been to a Sunflower Maze you should. It’s such a beautiful sight to see!!! I loved that the kids had a blast at Dakeyne Farm, there were […]

July garden pictures

Our privet hedge recently bloomed and has been attracting many different types of flying insects. We have seen honeybees, native bees, butterflies and more. I’ve been climbing a ladder to get close enough to a sphinx moth who has been quite elusive. Sphinx moths are sometimes mistaken for hummingbirds because of their shape and size. […]