That should “Bee” fun…

Another Wednesday snow storm coming. That should “Bee” fun.



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ice and rocks

Rugged and cold, this seascape. Time stands still- Frozen.

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This is my #NovaScotia…


I had the opportunity to take my camera & a ND filter and walk along the ocean a few nights ago. The beautiful sun was setting in the sky and everything looked amazing. I snapped pictures until dusk then left for home with a camera full of pictures and a heart full of happiness. I love taking pictures of the ocean!!!

Devil’s Island in the background and the rocks in the foreground both lend a seaside ruggedness to the picture that I love! And at first I disliked the sun spots, then realized that I captured the actual sun shining down on me. It was so bright and warm even next to the ocean as this happened.

This is my #NovaScotia.


Here are the picture details:

ISO 100 f/22 Shutter speed 13 sec.

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Amazing destinations in your backyard…

Hidden along the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia are many amazing beaches, which can be enjoyed during any season. A little research will show a treasure trove of local destinations.

Here’s a few websites that are great resources: Nova Scotia Beaches, Seacoast trail, and Nova Scotia Provincial Park.

Eastern Passage

With salt air, amazing surf, and treasures to be discovered, the beach is where it’s at.

A few things to keep in mind when visiting one of Nova Scotia’s beaches in the winter:

1. It’s cold!!! So bundle up. It’s no fun to have to leave because you forgot to bring a hat and mittens.

2. It can be icy on rocks and boardwalks, wear a good pair of boots to help to prevent slipping.

3. Remember tides. Use this Tide Times and Tide Chart to help.

4. Take pictures. Trips to the beach make beautiful memories! 🙂


What amazing beaches have you visited in your backyard.

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Million $$$ views…

LawrencetownbeachIf you want sun, sand and sea look no further than Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia.

A short drive outside the city with all the fresh air and sunshine you can handle on a pretty March day.

It’s been said that the cure for anything is salt water, sweat, tears or the sea.


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Seed saving: aka Brownbagging…

Seed Saving or Brownbagging, is the act of selecting a healthy and productive plant and saving seeds from that plant to use during the next growing season. Seeds are sometimes captured in a brown bag hence the term Brownbagging.


To learn more about Brownbagging, use the following link (from Vegetable Seed Saving Handbook).

Tip: When deciding which plants from your garden, to save seeds from, one must ensure to choose the healthiest plants thus ensuring the most viability for next growing season.


Why should you save seeds?

For Wildlife:

Well, if you’ve ever planted flowers in your garden and left them in the ground to dry, you may have created a wonderland for nature and nature photographers alike without even realizing it.

Songbirds love Purple Coneflower seeds that have been left to naturally dry. It is amazing to watch them discover the seeds during the cold days of winter and dance around on the long stems trying to sample the seeds.

For your Garden:

It’s also a pleasure to replant your saved seeds in the spring and find them sprouting towards the beautiful morning sun, providing a colourful backdrop for both you and the wildlife in your community to enjoy.

The picture below shows three Nasturtium seed pods saved from last growing season. They will definitely be planted in my garden this spring.   🙂

nasturtiumThink flowers

It’s rewarding to walk thru a successful garden and take a closer look and find seeds to save for your garden the following year.

What saved seeds are you growing this year?

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