What Mother Nature wants you to see…

The next time you step outside. Stop, take a moment to appreciate what Mother Nature wants you to see… For each of us it’s different. It could be a tree or a wildflower, a stone shaped like a heart or the sweet smell of tall grass on a hot summer day. It’s whatever brings you […]

August 14, 2004- Our beach wedding

When someone says to you “oh, we had a beach wedding”, do you automatically think tropical destination? I used to, that is, until I planned our wedding on one of our favorite beaches in my hometown. We wanted to get married outdoors, on a beach, so we decided to go local for our location. We […]

Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

A couple of pictures of the beach in my neighbourhood as taken from my Samsung Galaxy. The first picture was not taken today. But shows an area where we like to take walks when the tide is out. This picture shows the rough seas we were experiencing today. The water was splashing up over the […]

Artist or Pest???

This is a picture of a birch tree in our backyard. I’ve seen trees with a smaller amount of this “design” on their trunks and have been intrigued. After some research, I believe this is the work of the Birch Bark Beetle. It’s amazing seeing nature at work. Have you ever spotted this on a […]

For the love of the Forest and Blueberry Buckle

While walking in the forest the other day, I discovered this grouping of fungi on a tall tree. Long walks in the winter forest are magical, so quiet and so peaceful. On this day, I got a glimpse of Mother Nature. So wonderful! Speaking of wonderful, how about a plate of Blueberry Buckle. Doesn’t a […]